The perfume of fashion

The decoration of the windows uses, in this circumstance, an installation of bottles..

In the most varied shapes and sizes, they refer to the idea of ​​perfume and liqueur.

After a long search, some types were selected (about twenty), resorting to different producers, obtaining a significant quantity (3,000). Different colors were created by filling them one by one with a chemically stable liquid, in the different shades of amber and green. Each bottle has been hermetically sealed to prevent the contents from deteriorating on contact with the air and turning into unwanted gradations or saturating with impurities. The last stage of the procedure was the gluing: with a work of extreme patience and skill, each bottle was “attached” to the neighboring one to compose a group with its own shape and volume.

In the warm shades of amber, in the cold green scale, four groups were placed in the windows to act as an exhibition base and as a sensorial evocation (olfactory, visual and tactile).

To complete the installation, some brass pipes, flexible and of small caliber, draw curved curves that support the exposed clothing items.

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