Childhood theaters

To relaunch the discourse on “made to measure” special decorations for the shop windows were provided: here, on a backdrop of panels decorated in shades of burnt brown, we wanted to continue the discourse of lightness, making extensive use of paper.

To rest on the floor is a forest built with a meticulous gluing and decoupage composition, which suggests an idea of ​​perspective and depth of field. Undergrowth, trees, foliage, are in the colors of autumn and above, an idea of ​​clouds and sky where the exposed garments remain suspended.

Set in the panels, poor and precious theaters at the same time, rigorously made of paper and catoncino, of German expressionist taste, as for a game of children: they represent interior scenes (a music lesson, an allusion to Christmas …) and exteriors (a small frozen lake that acts as a patinoire, a thunderstorm shower, a mysterious house in the evening shadows …), where an attentive spectator can find some references to modern and contemporary painting (Lega, Magritte …).

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